Fire Breathing Christian


January 13, 2021

We all know that Big Tech and its thought police wannabes are making a mad grab for power and control over “we the little people”, who they hope to shepherd into a new Marxist utopia that has them as overlords and us as dependent, domesticated cattle or, as they often like to call us: human resources. And while this situation tends to agitate and anger reasonable people who still have two or more brain cells to rub together, there are many good reasons for good people to applaud the attempted crackdown by Big Tech.

Here are three examples:

1. Their headlong plunge into Orwellian thought- and speech-control is not being implemented from a place confidence. It’s motivated by fear. It’s born of desperation. They know that the very technologies that have made them fortunes and put them in their present positions of relative power are the same technologies that with each passing day reduce their chance of attaining the total control that they dream of and require. They’re like the desperate tyrant wannabe in Star Wars who tightens his grip only to find more and more rebel systems slipping through his fingers and into freedom – a place of freedom from which they can build and eventually overthrow and destroy the tyrant. Which leads us nicely to #2 on our list…

2. The attempted crackdowns by Marxist/globalist tools like Facebook and Twitter are propelling the growth of alternative platforms like MeWe, Minds, Gab, and Parler in ways that were previously unimaginable. These free-thought-promoting platforms are surging now, and will continue to do so at an accelerating rate, even more so as the Illuminati wannabes at Big Tech continue their desperate crackdowns.

3. These power grabs by psychotic Leftist Inquisitors in Big Tech only fan the flames of decentralization that are already sweeping through and reshaping the culture. The trend toward decentralization in media, education, and even government is growing by the day, and is only amplified by every abuse of centralized power modeled by the yahoos in Big Tech and Big Government. They know that this is the real world trend that is destined to overtake them. This is why they’re terrified, desperate, and making a last ditch to stop the unstoppable wave of decentralization that they are beginning to see very clearly on the horizon.

If you haven’t already set up shop on the rising, decentralized platforms mentioned earlier, please do so now and connect with me on each and every one of them. I’ll include links below. Remember: Diversification and decentralization go hand in hand.

Also remember that the bad guys are not winning. The territory they’re claiming for the moment is much more like Germany “victory” in the Battle of the Bulge. It looks and feels like a big deal now, but if we take the time to survey the broader context, it’s easy to see how weak, overextended, and desperate our enemies really are.


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